Squash Yukon Tournaments

Squash Yukon promotes the participation in squash through the sponsoring or sanctioning of a number of tournaments each year. The aim of this is to provide players with an opportunity to play with both local and visiting players in a friendly but competitive environment. It is hoped that these events help players evaluate their development and introduce players to new opponents.


Squash Yukon presents the Yukon Open 2021(4-6 June)! Will Julien defend the Yukon’s honor by defeating Gyanendra Singh? Will the Pregnant Ninja play? What’s a let? Will Marie or Gyanendra watch you match, and will get a really nervous because you think they are judging your racquet prep? Register Now to find out ( Season wrap up BBQ for league and Yukon open at Wolf Creek Sunday, June 6th, at 5PM. Entry Draw prizes.

If you are interested in sponsoring a tournament please contact us at