Squash Yukon League 2021-22

Registration for league 2021-22 is now open!  
League will start November 2nd and 4th. All past participants in the league will be invited to sign-up. League will run November to May and will cost $150. If you know anyone new who is interested in signing up, please let me know(squashyukon.coach@gmail.com).  Prior to league starting, play as many matches as you can and register your score at the courts so that we can rank you properly. The Registration deadline is October 24th to allow us to organize a team and create a schedule.

Squash Yukon League 2020-21

League is instrumental in fostering competitive play, at all levels of playing ability, and for people to meet new playing partners.  

Squash Yukon League play began on the 3rd of November, 2020.  The league has 7 teams in Division 1 (Tuesday) and 7 teams in Division 2 (Thursday).  All teams have 5 players per team at various levels of playing ability.  A total of 70 squash players.

There are 3 rounds of round robin play.  We began league play on the week of November 3rd.  We did play for 3 weeks but then had to suspend play until after the week of January 5th because of Covid.

Squash Yukon submitted their playing plan to the government and we were able to safely resume play the week of January 5th. League Division-1, Won by team Stantec(Jeff Muirhead, Alex Jobin, Dan Yip, Jay Blakestoon & Gary Tanner). Division-2 Win by team Steadfast Electric(Erin Loxam, Manuel Kennedy, Brian Pehora, Emilie Bouchard & Erin Linklater).

All 14 teams have team sponsors, thanks to the support of our local businesses.  The match play is recorded on SportyHQ on a weekly basis.  

Check SportyHQ for ranking ladders and league details.