One of your favorite tournaments is on! Yes, you heard me right, “Reservoir dogs”.

Reservoir dogs tournament November 24-25/2023, Friday (5:00 pm to 10:30pm) and Saturday (10:00 am to 6:30pm).

It is a different format…. only 36 participants so SIGN UP early. 6 teams of 6 players…. play 25 minutes straight,  point a rally system, so every point counts!

If you hit the targets, you get 6 points…. etc. etc.

IT IS FUN!!!!!

Cost to Enter is $60(price includes wine). Winning team will receive 72 bottles of wine.

Sign up Early as only 36 Participants can enter!

Signing up early will not necessarily guarantee that you will be in the tourney (as teams have to be selected according to similar skill levels) But it will help. 

Sign up at better bodies squash notice board.

Set 2 of Youth Program-Registration Open

SET-2, Day and Timing 6November to 17 December

  • Learn to play-(Starter, Age:6-9yrs.) Tues. & Thurs.-4:45 pm (45 Minutes) & Sat.-11:30 am (90 minutes), $180/pp
  • Learn to Train (Girls only, Age:9-14 yrs.) Mon. & Wed.-4:45 pm (45minutes) Sat.-11:30 am (90 minutes), $180/pp
  • Learn to Train (Intermediate, Age: 9-14yrs)-Tues. & Thurs.- 4:00 pm (45 minutes) & Sat.-11:30 am (90 minutes), $180/pp
  • Learn to Compete (Age:11-17 yrs.) Mon. & Wed.4:00pm(45min.) & Sat.-11:30 am (90 minutes), $180/pp

Please Contact our Squash Pro, Gyanendra Singh at 

League 2023-24

Registration is open for league 2023-24, last date to register and withdrawn is Tuesday, October 31, 2023.